We are Kronic Katz

It is you, me, us, them everyone, everywhere. Kronic is what is so often lost inside of each and everyone of us, our curiosity and passion. KronicKatz are here to lead the movement of decentralized education and constant awareness of mental health. You mind find we have a kronic just for you.

Mint on the dapp below or exclusively on AstroZeroNFT Marktplace. Mint price is .03 ETH

The Metaversity

Sour Milk

In order to be eligible for the Sour Milk airdrop you need to own at least 1 Kat and be in the wallet snapshot taken on the 29th of January 2022 containing 756 addresses

Project Details



KronicKatz was started as a way for our family to spend time together, without watching our children burst into flames from not having their phones. So armed with an iPad and Procreate, we drew our first kat, and the rest is history.



Crypto and defi gave the bird to traditional centralized institutes of control, Kronic is here to make sure they don’t try to take it back


Why Buy a Kronic?

Buying a Kronic not only gets you an amazing hand drawn gen piece, but the ability to secure our children’s future. Kronic has a vision, of a movement sparked by the NFT environment, of a global awakening, and decentralized education both for the blockchain and on boarding of our youth. This movement is already breaking down barriers, it is our responsibility to ensure we secure a future of peace and prosperity for our children and take advantage of this opportunity that we must finally unite as a global community, as one race. The Human Race.


End Goal

Throw the road map out the window. Seriously, the rate at which technology increases in the cryptoverse, makes it impossible to see 2 weeks from now, much less 6 months. KronicKatz does not have a road map, we have an End Goal. By understanding that we are moving rapidly in this environment, we can then see that a map restrains up from achieving the end goal. KronicKatz is about achieving great humanitarian accomplishments with every one of you. Together, we can and will make a lasting impression on our world, one that you will find like being together rather than separated into factions.


Custom eCommerce Development Company

Join The Club

We would love to have you on board. Join our Discord to be part of the community and feel free to share your thoughts with us.